Our Services

We are Sales and Marketing Professionals with a strength in practical problem solving and business building. Previous colleagues and clients have complimented us on our ability to get businesses pumping by identifying the problem, building an innovative solution and implementing it.

We dive into your business to understand it completely and then work a plan to grow it. This could take the form of a Sales Plan, Marketing Plan or People Development. We offer many services, here are the main services our clients ask for help with.

  • Business building ideas, concepts and implementation
  • Business recovery plan development
  • Problem Solving – i.e. Commercial gap fill plans, dealing with difficult customers
  • Range Review preparation and presentation
  • Go to Market Modelling and Execution – Entry/Expansion into new Channels/Customers
  • Strategic Marketing Plan Development
  • Promotional Programme Development
  • Marketing Activations
  • Sponsorship Leverage
  • Organisation Structure Development
  • Change Management i.e. Acquiring or Divesting a Business (Execution)
  • Category Management
  • Team Development, Training and Coaching (Especially Front Line Team Members)
  • Service Delivery Process Improvement